Mac Ride-- Meet the Seat

Mac Ride is a unique seat for children that goes on your bike between you and your handlebars. Mac Ride is the only creation that is easy to set up, suitable for off-road riding, and supports an active, engaged experience for your child. Mac Ride is--

- For children ages 2-5

- Ideal for everyday riding and trails

- Easily installed in less than 1 minute

Testimonial from the Trails

Mac Ride is absolutely brilliant. My little boy took to it like a duck to water and we are having so much fun. Our cycling trips are now the highlight of the weekend.

-- Dr. RC, London 


1. Quotation does not include taxes (taxes vary country to country and are added at the point of sale).

2. Seats to North America are shipped from Canada. Import fees from Taiwan have already been paid and are therefore estimated at $0 or negligible. 

3. Seats to Europe are shipped from England. To the best of our knowledge, other than Sweden, import fees are estimated at $0 or negligible. 

4. Customers in the rest of the world, outside of North America and Europe, will incur import/duty charges when the product is delivered. These fees vary country to country (typically, although not always, under $20USD).

5. Some out-of-zone addresses require additional shipping payment from customers. In these cases, we will check with customers before progressing with the order.

* For Australia and New Zealand, we recommend ordering Mac Ride through Mountain Bikes Direct, our amazing partner based in Australia.